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Digital Marketing- Details

Digital marketing surrounded all marketing efforts that is used by electronic device or the internet. Businesses companies digital channels like search engines, social media and email and their websites to communicate with their customers if I told you how the internet accessibles now a days the number of people are going online is still increasing day by day.
according to "pew research"constant internet users in adults increase by 5% in just last three days.thus we can say that lot of peoples the way they used to shop and by has really changed by means that offline marketing is no more effective to be used.

As our software house,recognics by "KHYBER CODDED" are achieving their best goals of performance in field of "digital marketing"and "E-commerce" we provide the optimle and best services towords our customer to ensure the relaibility in the world of "marketing" and "designing".

Our Web business strategy includes:

1. Analytics
2. Start-up Planning
3. Web Technology
4. Content Management
5. Digital Marketing Strategy
6. Design & User-Experience
7. Goal Setting & Reporting
8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)